Week 34

Wow what a restless week. I can hardly sleep and every movement our little girl makes in my belly, makes me nervous and I think “oh goodness, she is coming early”. My dear friend Belinda had her baby girl on Tuesday (with no epidural… flippen amazing) and I started to feel so restless about the arrival of our little girl. I am completely unprepared. I still need to pack a bag and I think I should pack one for Benjamin too… in case she comes early. Besides packing the bag I need to go buy everything I need for the two of us in the hospital. It just seems impossible to do any of these things while I am still running Webfront and looking after Benjamin. I am overwhelmed with all the responsibilities I have… and the new ones that that will soon be here. Ideally I want to start relaxing and enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy, as this will be my last.

34 weeks

Week 32

So it appears that our little girl will arrive on the 28th of April. The expected birth weight will be 3kg, 300grams less than little Benjamin. We have decided on a name! whoo hoo!! And the baby room is almost finished. I think the nesting process has started!

32 weeks

31 Weeks

My belly is growing! Our little girl is getting more active every day and the reality of the little Ludick’s becoming 4 is starting to sink in! I am excited to meet her, but it almost seems unreal that I am soon going to be the mommy of a little girl!

We moved Benjamin out of the cot and into his new room with a big boy bed. He was happy to give up his cot for his little sister and now we can start with the decoration of her room. I am sure that on some level he understands that she will be here soon. When I ask him “waar is jou sussie” he will pull on my jelly popped-out belly button and whisper “sussie, sussie”. Sometimes he will rest his hand on my belly while she is kicking.

8 weeks will go by so quickly and I almost feel that I should just opt for natural birth so that I can have one more week extra. Some weeks I am happy and content about the c-section and then other weeks, like this one, I just want the process to flow the way it should during a natural birth. It is probably best to just see what will happen.

31 weeks


28 weeks

Only 10 weeks to go. We still don’t have a name. We try calling her different names ever week, but are still so unsure! Besides the name we are also not prepared for this little girl. So far I only have a few clothing items and a pink elephant. The first thing I bought for Benjamin was a grey elephant so it only seems like the right thing to do and buy a pink elephant for her.

There is still so much to do. I need Benjamin to move out of his room into a new room, but I first have to get the new room ready! Then I can only start with our little girl’s room. Oh goodness! All of a sudden the 10 weeks seems like a really short, short time. It is important for me to have her room ready. I know some people don’t care… but I do. I want to make everything peach and light yellow vintage flowers. Yes flowers everywhere. I am going to use a lot of my grandmothers doilies and flower embroidered handkerchief. Here are some ideas I have so far ….

28 Weeks 1 28 Weeks 2 28 Weeks 3

26 Weeks

She kept me awake all night. If I don’t wake up because of her it is because Danie comes to bed late or goes to work early OR Benjamin wakes me up for a bottle or cuddle OR I just need to keep on peeing throughout the night. My chances of sleeping this time around are so much more difficult. I am already tired and I really hope that I adjust to this little sleep before our little girls comes.

The lovely feeling of an active baby in my belly is back. I love it. I’ve really missed it after giving birth to Benjamin.  The weirdest thing is that she feels completely different to him. She is a lot gentler and also kicks differently.

26 weeks

24 Weeks

Our little girl is now as big as a mielie! … a very big mielie, maybe like a 1kg mielie. She will put on her extra weight in the near future. This means my weight will increase soon. I must say that the latter… and the birth … are the only two things that I am nervous about. Loosing pregnancy weight was the toughest thing I had to do … and now I have to lose it again.  This time around I am a lot more careful about what I eat. So far I have only gained 6kg so I should, or I hope, be OK.

I started reading pregnancy books, What to Expect When You’re Expecting … and even though this is my second pregnancy I am learning a few new things. It feels like I forgot everything and that I need to refresh my memory again. It will be so weird changing a nappy for a new born again or even changing a nappy for a little girl!

24 weeks

22 Weeks

The 22 week scan confirmed that we are still having a girl. She now weighs 700 grams. I feel all relaxed now and just bought the first batch of little girl clothing. I am very curious to find out what she looks like. It is obvious that Benjamin has my looks…hehehe. It will be wonderful if she can get Danie’s black curly hair and have blue eyes.

This pregnancy is so different compared to Benjamin’s. I feel guilty that I don’t write so much and spend so much time focussing on the actual pregnancy. I hope our little girl is not too disappointed when she is all grown up and wonder why I recorded every single thing from Benjamin’s pregnancy and not hers. All my time goes to Benjamin and when he is not active I either have to work or try to rest a bit.

I will just have to catch up when she is here.

22 weeks

20 Weeks

It is really hard to take pictures and write something every week about this pregnancy. With Benjamin’s pregnancy it was a lot easier as I had a little more time on my hands. I find it difficult juggling being a mother, running my own business, and doing my business degree. This year we are taking an early break. 2013 had been a really busy and somehow difficult year. Now all we have to do is focus on the development of our little girl. I still feel that it is so unreal that we are blessed with a little boy and girl. It is very special for us. We now have to start playing the name game again. We love family names so we will definitely use a combination of my mom, grandmother and Danie’s mom and grandmother. Our list so far is:

Anabel Maxie

Maxie Lillie

Ana Lillie

Or maybe we just call her all three Anabel Maxie Lillie Ludick HA! But then we still won’t know what to actually call her as we can’t say all three names every time we talk to her or about her.

We will maybe just have to meet her first before we make our final decision.

20 weeks

18 Weeks

Today I could feel our little girl move around my belly for the first time! I have been struggling to feel her earlier as my placenta was still very low. It has been really weird walking around with this round belly without feeling her… almost like I am having a fake pregnancy. But it is all over now! We can’t wait to meet her; hopefully she is as gentle as her big brother.


Little Button 18 weeks